About the Author

Frank Dorrian was born in the late 1980s in Liverpool – his hometown, a post-industrial cityscape, served as poignant inspiration for his creative efforts. He would commence writing in earnest during his teenage years, composing stories to sate desires of both expression and introspection.

Former careers include shop cashier, qualified mental health nurse and large-scale change governance and gap analysis for an international business. Today, Frank works as an operational analyst for a major UK institution, overseeing and improving complex data and processes.

When not writing, Frank spends his spare time reading, playing computer games, collecting tattoos and thai boxing. He has previously competed as a fighter domestically in the UK and abroad in Thailand.

His first book, The Shadow of the High King, a dark fantasy novel, was released 30th August 2016, followed by two standalone novellas, To Brave the End on the 28th February 2017, and Scars of the Sand on 6th September 2017.